The New Midlife Crisis

May 15, 2019

While our focus at Teenhackz is the resiliency of youth, once in a while I’m reminded of how important it is to recognize (and appreciate) that how we raise our kids – our energy and effort, is directly connected to how we are faring in this rough and tumble world.  As I read this article today I was struck by how relevant it is to my own experience at this point in my life.  I actually wondered if it had been written about me!  And while it doesn’t change my current trajectory, what it does is give me permission to be ok with the feelings I feel and the angst I experience and normalizes the process. One of the first safety measures you hear when boarding a plane is ‘parents, in the event of an emergency, put on your own oxygen mask first, before helping your child’.  This article serves as a reminder that we have needs, desires and wants. We have complexities, complaints and confusion.  And as well versed as we are in taking care of those around us, it is critical that we take a breath and take stock of how, where and what we are; and find an opportunity to ‘get some air’.  You won’t regret taking the time to read it.