Are you "mission control" for your kids?

October 29, 2016

Did you ever see the movie Baby Boom with Diane Keaton – circa 1980’s?  It tells the story of a successful business woman who suddenly finds herself inheriting a baby girl and the quandary she finds herself in navigating the boundary between corporate success and raising a child. I can remember laughing at the scene where […]

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Kids in the Kitchen

October 21, 2016

In an article from the Tasting Table, entitled 20 Foods Every Twentysomething Should Learn to Make, Baily Bennett looks at simple alternatives to freeze dried noodles, take-out, and Mac n Cheese that all adults should know how to cook.  We’d like to drop the age bracket just a little and say that these are recipes a teenager […]

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Behind "frenemy" lines

October 14, 2016

One of the biggest issues facing teen girls today is not drug or alcohol abuse, or peer pressure to engage in risky behaviour, nor is it the proliferation of social media and having to look super-model perfect in every “selfie”, instead it’s the damage girls can do to each other in their own friendship groups. In an article […]

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How to raise successful kids without over parenting

October 5, 2016

In a recent TED talk by one of our favorite authors,  Julie Lythcott-Haims urges parents to consider letting go of the notion that we need to be our kids “Concierge” and “Personal Handlers”. That our efforts to micromanage every aspect of their lives is putting them under enormous pressure to lead a life of perfection that […]

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