Teens tell it like it is

November 30, 2016

NBC’s Today Show has just launched its “Teens Tell All” series where Stephanie Gosk talks with eight high schoolers age 15-17 “for a raw, unfiltered conversation about what goes on inside their lives.” If you’re the parent of a teen, and perhaps one who doesn’t “share”, this might give you some real insights into what they’re thinking, […]

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Where has vocational training gone…and why college isn’t for everyone.

November 28, 2016

In an article written by Nicholas Wyman for Forbes magazine, entitled Why We Desperately Need To Bring Back Vocational Training in Schools, the author looks at the current conundrum of “college prep” being the center of the US high school curriculum. Why is it that every student needs to be “prepped” for college when the reality […]

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Nonsense or science? Should kids be learning emotional skills at school?

November 16, 2016

In a recent article by Even Porter for Upworthy, entitled “Researchers studied kindergarteners’ behavior and followed up 19 years later. Here are the findings“, the author seeks to answer the question around whether it’s simply good grades that matter, or if social success is just as important. If you have been following the blog then […]

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