Connecting with Kids in School

February 13, 2019

This article hit home for me in many ways. First and foremost as a parent of 3 boys who have very different learning styles. Second because I’m a big believer that we have to ‘understand’ the basic needs of the kids in our classrooms to then be able to flex our teaching style to address and engage those needs. Why or why not a child will sit and pay attention in class has less to do with the subject matter and everything to do with whether it’s being taught and conveyed in a way that resonates with that child! Businesses spend billions of dollars a year running behavior based workshops that help their employees understand their individual needs; knowing that engagement and productivity is high when those needs are met. It’s no different for children. If we want them to engage successfully then we have to walk the extra mile to understand who they are and teach to them. Parents, get to know your kids on a different level – theirs. And educate their teachers about who they really are. Take our ‘Who Am I’ for children and teens and change their world. And yours.