Episode 11: Why Your Kids Must Communicate Verbally, with Nicola Ries-Taggart

March 1, 2017

Nicola Taggart is a personal and professional success coach, facilitator, and speaker. For more than 10 years, Nicola has worked with executives, leaders and business professionals to help them increase their confidence and connections as a leader and in life.

Nicola has helped executives and emerging leaders within a variety of industries (including nonprofits, medical education, advertising and pharma/biotech) gain clarity as to what’s important to them and what type of leader they want to be so that they can have greater influence and make a greater impact in their work, teams, family and community. She has worked with many individuals who are in fast-paced careers that require them to work hard and travel often. Using a combination of her personal experience, professional training, and intuitive nature, Nicola has supported high-achieving professionals in developing as leaders and creating lives that they can feel good about and enjoy.

Prior to starting her own coaching company in 2004, Nicola served in various organizational and employee development roles with a national non-profit organization.

Nicola received her BS in Journalism and Communications (emphasis: Public Relations) from the University of Oregon. She is a certified life coach from Coach Training Alliance (CTA), Certified Dream Coach and Certified Opposite Strengths Executive Coach. Nicola has received additional training in the areas of relationship coaching (Relationship Coaching Institute), group coaching, emotional intelligence, interpersonal communication and behavioral interviewing.

Nicola specializes in helping business professionals not only be successful leaders professionally but also successful individuals personally. Focused development often includes Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Mindset, Courageous Communication, Real Relationships and Presenting with Presence. She teaches, trains and coaches around her unique Inside-Out Success principles, supporting her clients in being more present, productive and powerful in life and leadership.

Nicola was born, raised and went to college in Oregon, but has lived in Alameda, California with her husband and 3 children for the past 12 years. She enjoys the simple things in life, such as spending time with family and friends, taking family and couple trips, riding bikes, hiking and playing at the beach.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Nicola’s background
  • The challenge for teens in face-to-face communication (and even how to have a conversation over the phone)
  • How poor communication skills can hurt teens when they grow up and join the workforce
  • Why you have to model great communication behaviors as a parent
  • Creating the experiences for your kids to practice good communication skills when there are simply less of these opportunities available
  • Why you need to give your children direct feedback and tell them when they messed up (something we’ve been doing less and less of as a society)
  • Coaching your kids through to make the most of their relationships with their teachers so that they really own that relationship
  • Teaching your kids to have honest conversations with those they aren’t attached to so they can have them with the people they do care about
  • Why emotional intelligence is not just emotional awareness