Episode 28: The Future of Workforce for Today’s Teens, with Joanna Riley

July 12, 2017

Joanna Riley is an entrepreneur, advocate and mentor for women in technology, and the President and Co-Founder of 1-Page, a Silicon Valley technology company transforming the way companies find their best next hires using artificial intelligence.

Joanna began 1-Page based on a book authored by her father, which argued that job seekers should be evaluated on what they can do, as opposed to being judged on their previous accomplishments, experience, age or gender. In 2014 she led 1-Page to a successful IPO. Before 1-Page she built one of the United States’ leading outsourced direct sales and marketing firms, was part of the International Training Unit for the FBI, was a national rower, and earned her BA degree in Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia where she was a full scholarship athlete.

In 2016, she was awarded the Most Powerful and Influential Women Award by the California Diversity Council, and the Power 30 Under 30 for Professional and Community Excellence.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The biggest challenges for employers when it comes to hiring great talent
  • Why the future workforce needs to understand how they can be enabled to create vs. consume
  • How failure helps teens learn and provide the motivation to get things done
  • Why parents need to support and encourage their teens to try new things
  • Why it’s so important for teens not to become addicted to instant gratification
  • Teaching teens the importance of embracing uncomfortable situations
  • How the list of what is important in a career has changed for millennials vs. 10 years ago
  • How it can be difficult for teens to understand that social media is not the reality
  • Putting your kids in creative situations where they can have focus