Episode 31: A Teen’s Views on Resilience and Struggle, with Ja’Naylah Johnson

August 2, 2017

Ja’Naylah Johnson is a member of the Alameda Chapter of the Boys & Girls Club of America. At just 16, Ja’Naylah is the first girl to make it to the California State Boys & Girls Club Youth of the Year Competition. Ja’Naylah and eight other competitors recently went to the California State Capitol to meet with State Legislative leaders to lobby for increased funding for Boys & Girls Clubs. In overcoming life’s struggles, and with the support of the Alameda Boys & Girls Club, Ja’Naylah is a committed and driven hard-worker, as well as an advocate for her peers. She has channeled and abundance of resilience to create her own personal success story!

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • The unique perspective of a teenager on the discussion about resilience
  • What Ja’Naylah has learned from her experiences as a modern teen
  • How to give your child the space to grow on their own
  • Why struggle is necessary for growth and success
  • Where you can turn for support while raising your child to be resilient
  • Having the right perspective on life regardless of age
  • Focusing on the present and not being defined by perceived shortcomings
  • Getting into a resilience mindset
  • Communicating effectively with your child throughout their development
  • What teens need from their caregivers that they might not be getting
  • That children cannot grow in their parents’ shadow – they need space to explore