September 20, 2016

This photo came through in my Facebook feed the other day and I felt compelled to share it. Well not just share it, but write something about it too. This teen’s name is Addison Quinn and his mum, Lisa, posted the attached to help her son find casual employment.

As I read (and was admittedly moved to shed a tear or two) I reflected on the difference between ‘bad attitude’ and ‘gratitude’ when comparing those fortunate enough to be able to work (and perhaps choosing not to)  with those facing adversity (and desperately wanting to be given the opportunity).

I am mindful that there are an abundance of teens out there engaged in part-time or casual work while they study….and hat’s off to you by the way.  However there are also those who consider menial labor to be beneath them, and would never agree to wipe tables or sweep the floor for a job.

Let’s just remember as we read this that we all can’t start at the top. It’s the ‘dirty jobs’ that give you an appreciation of the value of hard work and are a critical life lesson. You can’t be effective at the top if you have no experience at the bottom. It’s called empathy, and as a life and work skill it’s invaluable.

Any by the way….anybody who reads this and lives on the Central Coast of NSW, please consider giving this kid a call.