How Not to Raise a Little Jerk

June 11, 2016

I just happened to pass by the tv the other day when the Today Show did a segment called ‘How Not to Raise a Little Jerk’.  Of course I had to stop and take a listen!  The creator of this fabulous title and TED talk is none other than Dr Deborah Gilboa, parenting expert and key note speaker. Dr Gilboa comes back to one ‘stand-out’ strategy for avoiding the ‘jerk syndrome’….give your kids household chores.

Its that simple – make your teens responsible for regular domestic tasks to build character, responsibility morals and manners. Yes, they are busy with study, sports, extra curricular activities etc, but what are we teaching them about the value of chipping in, and real contribution?  Click  here for the Today Show debrief and Dr Gilboa’s TED talk. We love it when the experts agree with us. Enjoy!