Got a Teen Thinking About College & Career Decisions? Using Behavior Styles to Navigate the Job Market

August 30, 2017

What if we were to tell you that your career success could be determined by your behavior style? The “Who Am I?” Teen Assessment” measures your dominant style (Lion, Panda, Dolphin or Owl) and how these behavior traits affect the types of environments you prefer to work in, and the way you function in the workplace. It’s a pretty good indicator of the types of roles/careers/industries that suit you best, how well you fit into a particular culture, and how you may contribute to an oganization’s overall success.

So what do each of the styles really mean for your future job search or career?


When the chips are down, others turn to you for your resourceful, decisive and no-nonsense approach. You are a natural leader and problem solver, and you are driven by results. You can organize, delegate and strategize with the best of them, and your ability to take risks and and chase rewards typically pays off.

On the flip side, when you become overly focused on results you may lose the admiration and respect of those who helped you get there. You may develop a reputation as being cold and calculating, seeking personal recognition over relationships and teamwork. Good or bad, people remember you.

Complimentary jobs/work environments: LIONS are kinesthetic in their approach to work and need to touch, feel and experience to be effective. Desk jobs will only be motivating if there is a specific product, idea or concept that they are creating.

Negotiation, marketing, selling, risk-taking, competing and entertaining are all talents that LIONS were born with. Work in the arts, politics, entertainment, law, travel, extreme sports, or hands on building/trade roles are a great fit.


You can be relied upon for constant research and re-design, always looking for opportunities to do things differently and better. A visionary thinker you will be called upon to explore, invent, and trouble-shoot. You approach any situation with logic and intellect, brining understanding and balance to any organization.

On the flip side, when you become lost in exploration you are prone to missing deadlines. Providing timely and detailed information is not your strong suit. You may also be difficult to work with under pressure as you need solitary time and headspace to be effective.

Complimetary jobs/work environments: Design, development, diagnostics and consultation are suited to the PANDA’s ability to think and problem solve. Work in the field of research, design, engineering, architecture, building and construction, systems analytics etc are all suited to PANDAS. Roles in investigation and discovery such as FBI agent or journalist are also a good fit.


You are a people person and genuinely enjoy the company of others. The mere sight of you in a work environment vaporizes tension as you go out of your way to chat with people and make them feel good about themselves and their work. You are patient and attentive, and least likely to rock the boat. When faced with conflict you do everything in your power to keep it from escalating.

On the flip side, you can get lost in the relationship at the expense of the job at hand. You need to remain focused on both task and people, using your empathy for others to motivate and lead them, assesrtively rather than passively.

Complimentary jobs/work environments: Corporate coach, mentor, fitness trainer, nannie, teacher or any role founded on imparting information or care to others. Careers that focus on brining groups of people together for connected experiences are a great fit. Health services such as nursing, social work, counseling, psychologists or physician are great opportunities in the medical field.


You have all the facts and information a business needs it make decisions. You are precise, accurate, trustworthy and reliabe. You promise what you can deliver and deliver what you promise – on time and in budget. You are punctual, accountable and responsible. You have high standards of self and others.

On the flip side, you may become prone to ‘analysis paralysis’, getting lost in the detail and unable to move forward with an idea or objective. You may also have trouble communicating ideas to others, given that you are more concerned with precision than clarity. You are at risk of appearing ‘robotic’ and not able to factor in the ‘human element’ in your daily interactions.

Complimentary jobs/work environments: any role that involves being ‘keeper of the plan’- managing the when, where and how of any strategy or project. Jobs that require attention to detail, organizing, planning and coordinating. Roles that have a strong moral compass/code of ethics and clear set of rules are a good fit – public services and public administration, law, real estate, accounting, corporate liability, financial services.

Note – we each have elements of all four behavior styles, so don’t feel boxed in by specific jobs or careers. Look for work enviornments that inspire and motivate you, capitalizing on your strengths and providing opportunities to work on your weaknesses. To find out precisely what these are, take the assessment now!