Got a Panda Child? Your Big Bear Probably Doesn’t Want a Hug!

September 5, 2017

Why? How? Sound familiar? If so, it is highly likely you have a Panda in your midst. On a constant quest for exploration and knowledge your Panda seeks to navigate the world on their own terms.  They love to learn how things work, to solve puzzles, and are compelled to question absolutely everything. Daydreamers and designers by nature they get lost in discovery, are avid internet surfers, take time to think things through, and don’t like to be rushed. They enjoy their own company, or the company of those with similar interests, and prefer logic over emotion. Expect them to enjoy their ‘personal space’ and feel them physically cringe under the weight of a hug :). Direct and pragmatic your Panda will give it to you straight. Their feedback may sometimes be harsh but you will always know where you stand.

To curb ‘panda-monium’ in your home consider the following:

  • Provide them with intellectual stimulus (to ensure your appliances and electronic devices stay in tact).
  • Encourage manners – your Panda doesn’t see etiquette as important and misses simple social cues. They will need to be reminded of the needs of others.
  • Roll with their need to share random information, delivered at random times and with little or no context. This is their attempt at connection so take what you can get.
  • When you ask them a question give them appropriate time and space to answer. They don’t like being put on the spot.
  • Give them their personal space and don’t be alarmed by lots of alone time in their bedroom.
  • Don’t be surprised if they stare into a fully stocked fridge and complain that there is nothing to eat.

When a Panda is at their best they will be open-mined, contemplative, creative, and inspired by their own journey. Under stress or when their energy is low they may be sarcastic and critical, unable to make a decision, and uncommunicative. To get the best out of your big bear give them confidence in their competence and abilities.

To find out if you have a PANDA in your midst take the assessment here (for your tween/teen) and here (for your little people).