Got a Lion Child? Become a Lion Tamer in 5 Easy Steps

August 31, 2017

True to its name the Lion child is always in search of adventure – constantly on the move, stealth like in nature, and has the ability wreak havoc right under your unsuspecting nose.  On the plus side your Lion will be fun, high energy, spontaneous, excitable and creative.  They love an environment where things are constantly moving and changing. And just like their astrological sign they thrive on attention. On the flip side they become easily bored, are prone to rushing, may take unnecessary risks, and encourage risky behavior in others.  They are very much ‘react first and think later’.  They do not enjoy being ‘fenced in’ and rules and boundaries will be a source of conflict and constant negotiation.  Hang on for a fun filled ride. It may not always be easy but it will be exciting!

To enjoy that sweet spot where you can stay sane and embrace Lion life, here are a five important tips and tricks:

  • Establish boundaries and ground rules in the home (even if they resist!). Of all the behavior styles they need them the most.
  • Set simple routines around homework, chores, and personal hygiene. Lions love to “chase butterflies and shiny objects” and are easily distracted.  Make routines fun, competitive, and creative to get their buy-in.
  • To avoid last minute crises for you (and them) help them organize and manage their time. Using Apps and technology is highly appealing to a Lion.
  • Lions have a tendency for ‘immediate need gratification’ and are prone to spending money (yours and theirs) without thinking.  Teach them financial awareness and where possible encourage casual employment. Nothing teaches the value of money like having to earn it yourself.
  • Keep them humble. In a quest for attention and keeping up appearances, the Lion may be prone to inflated self-confidence. While self-esteem is a priority for all kids, help them to keep their ego in check where necessary.

Remember – when a Lion is at their best they will be fun, adventurous and brave. When their energy is low they will be defiant, rambunctious and untruthful.  Keep their manes groomed and their whiskers straight for a growling good time!

To find out if you have a LION in your midst, take the assessment here (for teens & tweens) and here (for your little people).