Got a DOLPHIN child? 5 easy steps to tune into your flippered friend!

September 13, 2017

Ever wonder how the people around you are feeling?  Find your nearest DOLPHIN family member, and they’ll happily give you their gut read on the state of everyone’s emotional well-being.

Your DOLPHIN teen thrives on loving and being loved; on feeling connected and creating connections; on acknowledging and feeling acknowledged; and using their emotional intelligence to navigate their world at home, at school, socially, and one day at work.  Isolation is their biggest fear, and emotional loneliness is their biggest stressor.

Just like their namesake, DOLPHINS are protective of the people around them. They are the one style that can quickly pick up on the behavioral signals and needs of others. A DOLPHIN’s energy is highest when everyone is getting along and harmony is present in their environment.

To best support your dolphin and maintain the most important thing to them, their relationship with you and others, here are a five important tips and tricks:

  1. Make sure you take the time out to connect with them daily – just be present with them. Ask how they are; what the best part of their day was? And the worst!  Hug them; tell them you love them.
  2. Make sure you show appreciation for what they’ve done for you or for someone else.  Dolphins thrive on performing acts of kindness. It means a lot to them if you notice.
  3. Think before you speak when you’re interacting with a Dolphin. They often take things personally and to heart. Remember they’re relationship people first so feedback should be delivered constructively.
  4. Do something nice for them.  It’s in a Dolphins nature to do things for others and they don’t expect people to do things in return – but they’re delighted when you do.
  5. Dont forget the birthday cards!  Dolphins love the messages you take time to write. Be thoughtful, be appropriate, but be sincere.

To find out if you have a DOLPHIN in your midst, take the assessment here (for teens & tweens) and here (for your little people).