Episode 24: Helping Your Teens Break the Chronic Stress Loop & Develop Healthy Habits, with Claire Ketchum

May 31, 2017

Claire Ketchum holds a BS in psychology and a K-12 Teaching Certificate from Hobart and William Smith College. She is also a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach through The Institute of Transformative Nutrition.

Claire is on a mission to teach teens how to break out of the Chronic Stress Loop, so they can create healthy habits, manage expectations better, experience more success and remain happy and healthy in school and beyond.

Claire blogs about how parents can help their teens manage stress better, gives Stress Less Workshops at schools such as Rumsey Hall School and The Taft School, writes for Thrive Global and The Live, Love and Eat Magazine, and teaches teens one on one how to stress less utilizing her signature Creating Healthy Habits Coaching process.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Poor eating habits: what causes some teens to develop them
  • The main stressors facing teens today
  • What a chronic stress loop is: how to manage it a healthy way
  • Strategies for teens to break unhealthy habits
  • How parents can be a partner in helping teens create healthier habits
  • Helping kids understand how what they eat and drink affects them
  • Top ways to help navigate stress and develop healthy habits in our teens
  • Honoring what your kid’s strengths are
  • Having a general practice in place for stress relief
  • The best strategy to help lower your body’s natural reaction to stress