Channel your Liam Neeson and give your kids a reality check "Taken" style

September 27, 2016

I’m fast asleep and I’m dreaming about a time when I walk through my house and into the kitchen and there’s not a dish in sight.   And, I haven’t had to step over one of the many obstacles that have been left in my path as I navigate the treacherous path to the sink, nearly breaking my neck tripping on a displaced shoe, slipping on someone’s homework, or carrying one of the 84 drinking glasses left lying around in what appears to be a deliberate attempt to make me lose my mind.

No, in my dream, there are no obstacles, no remnants of the ‘too hard basket’ and everyone takes the initiative to clear and clean as they go. After all, that’s what family is right? A team? All for one and one for all?

I wake up.

What are your expectations around everyone doing their part?  Who’s responsibility is it to create and maintain a living space that everyone can enjoy?  The invisible house elf, aka the sucker who will implode if they can’t get some control of their home environment (yes, that would be me).

Creating awareness in our kids that their responsibilities are not one dimensional is a critical step in their development, and an important part of being a team player.  After all, it is unlikely than many will follow in the path of Robinson Crusoe and live alone on a island for the rest of their lives. Whether at work, at home, in a team, or in the community they will have to step up and chip in.

We had a good old laugh reading this fabulous note that one fed-up dad left for his children. After all, who doesn’t perceive their messy, and perhaps somewhat lazy kid as the enemy every now and then.  Read the full article here.