Are Today’s Parents Getting a Raw Deal?

June 11, 2016

OK. This might just be the first of our posts to get readers all ‘fired up’ over the difference between parenting in the 80’s and modern day parenting. Yes, we are aware that not everybody enjoyed the ‘raised by wolves’ approach to child rearing as often exhibited by our own baby boomer parents. The emotionally hands-off, ‘you’re on your own kid’ method sure did foster independence but may not have provided quite the level of family connection we were looming for. However, consider that perhaps the pendulum has swung just a little too far the other way.

The article, Are Today’s Parents Getting a Raw Deal? by Rhonda Stephens, takes a look at some of the pitfalls of modern day parenting while reflecting on her own experience of growing up. So why do we like it? Because even though it could be considered controversial it’s just a great, fun read! As 70’s kids ourselves, we see the humor while appreciating that there are two sides to this parenting gig and both approaches have their benefits and limitations.