Episode 8: Your Child Doesn’t Need to Be the Best, with Dr. Anne Parker

February 8, 2017

Dr. Anne Parker is a pediatric specialist with over 25 years experience treating children and teens in the Bay Area. Dr. Parker completed her training at the University of California and joined Alameda Pediatrics in 1991 after completing her residency program.

Dr. Parker brings to our show a unique understanding of health challenges faced by teenagers, a growing client group in her practice. In recent years she has worked with a number of teens facing both physical and emotional health challenges.

Dr. Parker is also a mother to a daughter and triplet boys and has a depth of experience in parenting teens.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Dr. Parker’s background as a pediatrician (and a mom)
  • The competitive pressure kids face to be the best and how the internet is contributing to this pressure
  • Why college admission requirements are way over-the-top
  • The increase in anxiety and depression disorders in teens in the last 10 years
  • The long-term effects of issues teens are facing today
  • The shifting paradigm of success and why we need to change the mindset that being average is not good enough
  • Why Dr. Parker believes giving your kids a spiritual home helps build resilience when things get tough