Episode 17: Build Up Your Resilience Reservoir, with David Covey

April 12, 2017

David Covey is the 3rd son of Stephen R. Covey, and he grew up with 7 Habits his whole life. He worked 16 years at FranklinCovey (FC) which included 8 years in the United States and 8 years Internationally. He managed both the USA and international business. He left FC after his father retired to set up SMCOV, as well as three additional companies. SMCOV helps companies expand globally through licensing. David has also co-authored two business books for release in Spring, 2017.

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Episode 16: Express Your Feelings & Know Your Value, with Amy Anderson

April 5, 2017

Amy Anderson is an Emmy Award-winning writer, speaker, entrepreneur, former senior editor of SUCCESS magazine and creator of Transformative Writing for Non-Writers. If you’d met her 20 years ago, you’d never believe any of this was possible. Within two more years, she was a daily drug and alcohol user, suffered seizures and hallucinations regularly, and lost nearly all of her relationships. She lived in a place with no running water, phone, or heat. She weighed 78 pounds, rarely bathed, and nearly died multiple times. Then one day, by an act of grace, she got sober. That was 15 years ago.

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Episode 15: Developing a Collaborative Approach in Raising Children, with Dr. M. Alex Peterson

March 29, 2017

Dr. M. Alex Peterson is a licensed clinical psychologist in the state of California (PSY18593) with a specialty in child and adolescent neuropsychological assessment. He has been in private practice in Oakland, CA since 2006. He was previously employed as a neuropsychologist through the Neurology Department with Children’s Hospital Oakland. He completed his postdoctoral training through the Neurology Department with Oakland Children’s Hospital where he is subsequently employed.

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Episode 14: The Importance of Letting Your Kids Struggle, by Dr. Christine Carter

March 22, 2017

A sociologist and senior fellow at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, Christine Carter, Ph.D., is the author of The Sweet Spot: How to Find Your Groove at Work and Home (2015) and Raising Happiness (2011). Drawing on the latest scientific research on positivity, productivity, and elite performance, Carter demonstrates a sweet paradox: by doing less we can actually accomplish more.

A sought-after keynote speaker and executive coach, Dr. Carter also writes an award-winning blog, which is frequently syndicated on the HuffingtonPost, PsychologyToday.com, Medium.com, and several other websites.

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Episode 13: Help Your Child Understand Their Value, with Heather Ann Havenwood

March 15, 2017

Heather Ann Havenwood is a serial entrepreneur and regarded as a top authority on Digital Marketing, Sales Coaching, and Online Publishing Business Strategies. Heather Ann has been named Top 50 Must Follow Women Entrepreneurs for 2017 by the Huffington Post. She has also been called Chief Sexy Boss™ (nickname from her Amazon Best Seller book Sexy Boss™: How Women are Beating the Big Boys), and others call her an Icon Creator or the Wizard Behind the Curtain.

In 2006, she started, developed, and grew an online information marketing publishing company from zero to over $1 million in sales in less than 12 months. Starting without a list, a product, a name or an offer, Heather Ann molded her business partner into a successful guru now known as an expert in his field. She has instructed, coached and promoted hundreds of entrepreneurs leading them down the path to success in making money from their knowledge and leveraging it online.

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Episode 12: Know When to Nurture and When to Teach, with Lilian Gonzalez

March 7, 2017

Lilian Gonzalez, MA is a native Spanish speaker with a BA in Child Development and Biology from Mills College. She holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of San Francisco. She currently does research on multiculturalism and multicultural competency and has a special interest in working with young professionals struggling to balance personal and professional lives.

As a family therapist, Lilian provides counseling to families who have children with special needs and families going through a divorce or adjusting to new family constellations. She helps parents identify parenting styles in order to present a unified front in the home.

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Episode 11: Why Your Kids Must Communicate Verbally, with Nicola Ries-Taggart

March 1, 2017

Nicola Taggart is a personal and professional success coach, facilitator, and speaker. For more than 10 years, Nicola has worked with executives, leaders and business professionals to help them increase their confidence and connections as a leader and in life.

Nicola has helped executives and emerging leaders within a variety of industries (including nonprofits, medical education, advertising and pharma/biotech) gain clarity as to what’s important to them and what type of leader they want to be so that they can have greater influence and make a greater impact in their work, teams, family and community. She has worked with many individuals who are in fast-paced careers that require them to work hard and travel often. Using a combination of her personal experience, professional training, and intuitive nature, Nicola has supported high-achieving professionals in developing as leaders and creating lives that they can feel good about and enjoy.

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Episode 10: Getting Your Kids Ready to Leave the Nest, with Lisa McDonough and Lisa Allanson

February 22, 2017

Lisa Allanson and Lisa McDonough each have over twenty years experience in corporate Human Resources Management and Leadership Coaching. They understand what ‘makes people tick’ and have had the opportunity to observe daily, the impact of behavior on productivity and performance at work. Taking everything they know about what it takes to be successful at work, they have turned their attention to the next generation – ‘teens’, helping parents prepare their kids for life and work in the real world.

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Episode 9: Understand Your Kids For Who They Are, with Elizabeth Jensen

February 15, 2017

Elizabeth Jensen is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland, where she has practiced for the last 16 years. Her work includes mental health services to children and their caregivers, parenting coaching and education, educational advocacy and graduate field education. She is also the mother to three girls.

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