Extracurriculars and College: What To Do?

October 16, 2019

Having just been through the college application process with two of our children and about to embark on it with the third, I have lived the complexity of choosing the ‘right’ extracurricular path. The struggle of figuring out how to partner with your child to leverage their ‘best’ self in support of the looming college […]

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The New Midlife Crisis

May 15, 2019

While our focus at Teenhackz is the resiliency of youth, once in a while I’m reminded of how important it is to recognize (and appreciate) that how we raise our kids – our energy and effort, is directly connected to how we are faring in this rough and tumble world.  As I read this article […]

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Parenting for the Long Haul

April 26, 2019

I have one child already in college and another about to complete their senior year in high school. And the stress is high. A diligent student who has great grades, performed well on the SAT, has all sorts of varsity sports and amazing experiences like ‘Girls Who Code’ behind her and a terrific work ethic. […]

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Creating Mental Strength in Your Child

March 3, 2019

Of the thousands of articles on parenting, its tough to decipher what are most relevant as it relates to raising resilient children. This one is great. It is succinct and to the point in its effort to outline a framework for forging independence and resilience in your child. Remember, you are on a path to […]

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Connecting with Kids in School

February 13, 2019

This article hit home for me in many ways. First and foremost as a parent of 3 boys who have very different learning styles. Second because I’m a big believer that we have to ‘understand’ the basic needs of the kids in our classrooms to then be able to flex our teaching style to address […]

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Let the Children be Bored!

February 12, 2019

‘I’m bored’ is a phrase I haven’t heard from our children in a long time. Mostly because they know my response to such a statement is to shriek with delight, clap my hands and tell them I’m happy to hear it – because I have a lot of chores that need to be done around […]

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The ‘WaitUntil8th’ Pledge

February 5, 2019

The topic of ‘what’s the right age to give our children a smartphone’ is a regular headliner amongst our group of friends. And its a regular occurrence that one of our children comes home and says ‘but Mom..so and so now has a phone. Why can’t I?”. <Sigh> <Can I have a glass of wine […]

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The Teaching Superpower – Connecting with the Tough Student(s)

November 16, 2018

The complexity of teaching is rising. More kids in the classroom, changing curriculum(s), parent challenges in raising resilient children, and little pay. I propose that teachers are amongst the most influencial people in our child’s life. Responsible for providing a solid education, we rely on them to be the stewards of foundational learning in the […]

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Kids on the ‘team’!

September 11, 2018

In a meeting with a client today regarding employee engagement, the subject of what separates a ‘high performing’ individual from other employees came up.  Once upon a time the definition of ‘high performer’ was someone who had advanced knowledge of the job and who constantly exceeded expectations around their ‘to do’ list. Fast forward to […]

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A License To Use

June 2, 2018

I had the fortune tonight to catch up with school friends from 30 years ago. I love that while so much can change, many things, like good friendships, can stay the same. And I’m amazed that, while we have all lived in 3 different continents over the past 20 years, the struggles we face with […]

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