“Who Am I?” – A Workshop for Tweens & Teens

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Centered on our unique “Who Am I?” teen behavior assessment this workshop provides teens with an opportunity to identify their personal style – how they see themselves and how others see them.

Using ‘animals’ to describe the four different behavior styles we look at “who’s who in the zoo” and how teens can learn to navigate life with improved self-awareness and understanding.

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This fun and engaging workshop is designed to help teens understand:

  • Individual behavior style – what makes them tick and how to embrace success behaviors.
  • Personal motivation interests and talents – how to make better study, career and life choices.
  • The behavior style of others – to appreciate family and peer group differences.
  • How to develop productive relationships – at home, at school and ultimately at work.

What teens will get out of this workshop:

  • That fabulous ‘a-ha’ moment when they uncover their true selves.
  • A language for improved communication and relationships.
  • A good laugh – at themselves and each other.

Ages: 12 – 17 – middle and high school. Materials adapted to suit.

Duration: 90 minutes

3 reviews for “Who Am I?” – A Workshop for Tweens & Teens

  1. Randy Federighi

    “Thank you for taking the time to come and share your amazing work wit the Girls Inc. girls. We Pandas, Lions, Dolphins & Owls think you rock!!”

    Hannah-Joy Wirshing – Girls Inc.

  2. Lisa Allanson

    “Relationships are what makes life rich, satisfying and meaningful. The Teenhackz tools create the possibility for deeper understanding of oneself and others, opening opportunities for connection and empathy. Discovering our communication style animals together, my daughter learned that I valued her and our relationship and I learned what she needs to be able to get on board with my vision/plan. We still get frustrated with each other but we don’t stay there.”
    Elizabeth Jensen, LCSW

  3. Lisa Allanson

    Our family (my husband, our son, and I) participated in the TeenHackz Resilient Teens parent / teen workshop earlier this spring with Ms. McDonough and Ms. Allanson and found it to be a really illuminating and productive way to spend an afternoon. The workshop helped us to clarify and organize our own perceptions of the ways we each navigate the world and our natural reactive tendencies to everyday situations. And the instructors are fantastic presenters — they work so well together to explain concepts and to create a really open and friendly interactive class environment.

    I have kept all of the workshop materials in an easily accessible place in our home so that I can occasionally refer back to them with my son and remind ourselves of different approaches to managing his school work and addressing different social situations. This is going to be very helpful as he enters 9th grade next year and will be confronted with numerous choices about course electives, teachers, and class types. And it is our hope that he will also be able to use what he has learned to better manage his workload, or we may be back for Part 2! Thank you TeenHackz!
    Deni Adaniya

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