“Who Are We?” – Family Coaching for Tweens, Teens and Families

  • Do you want improved communication and better relationships in your home?
  • Do you want to understand what motivates and energizes your kids?
  • Do you want to help them make the best possible decisions regarding education direction and future college choices?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, join us for a unique, private coaching opportunity to decode your teen’s behavior (and your own!). Using ‘animals’ to describe four different behavior styles we look at “who’s who in your zoo” and how to improve the dynamics in and outside the home.

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This live and personal online interaction is designed to help parents and teens understand:

  • Individual behavior style – what makes you/them tick and how to better communicate.
  • Personal motivation, learning style, interests and talents – how to make better study, career and life choices.
  • The behavior style of others – to appreciate family and peer group differences.
  • How to develop productive relationships – at home, at school and ultimately at work.

What you will get out of this interaction:

  • That fabulous ‘a-ha’ moment when you and your teen uncover your true selves.
  • A language for improved communication and relationships.
  • A good laugh – at yourself and your teen!

How it works: Live Skype coaching call at your convenience

Duration: 60 minutes